The image of Marcel teaching Davina how to drive is so adorable, with Josh in the back seat.
Davina: Marcel, we're in a parking lot.
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'When one has not had a good father, one must create one.' - Friedrich Nietzche 

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i-move-the-stars-for-no-one replied to your post: 1x17 Final Ratings: 1.53/0.7  THR…

that’s actually a huge accomplishment to lose virtually ZERO fans during a month long hiatus. That means there is a VERY loyal fanbase watching this show :)

Yes, that’s the point I’m trying to make. And the CW seems to be having a bad month in general, every show is down. 

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Klaus and Genevieve - "The Big Uneasy"

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pranks between castmates? what kind of drunk are they? surprise birthday on set?

The series is in IC. Basically if The Originals was The Office 

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'i lied' ahahahaha

I could just imagine him trying to teach her and being all encouraging and later he’d be with Klaus and be like ‘I saw my life flash before my eyes multiple times today, that girl drives like she throws a hissy fit’.

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1x17 Final Ratings: 1.53/0.7 


1x18 Final Ratings: 1.52/0.7

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Anonymous said:
I know there is a second season but feel the constant decrease does not bode well for the second season doing well and getting a third. Sure the ratings of SPN decreased but they actually had SHIELD moved to their timeslot so I expected a decrease. While SPN is up and down every other week, it seems TO is decreasing week after week. I feel like I did when I talked to you about OUATiW and unfortunately turned to be right about that one. Feel TO has to do something to get more viewers again.

We were adjusted up to 1.52/07 which means that we actually only lost 0.01 over three weeks, which is stable. All shows take a hit in the spring, none of the show are soaring in ratings on the CW right now. Now we have less competition and the Voice will go soon. And what we don’t have in ratings, we make up for in media. Number 1 talked about (bad or good, it’s still publicity) and number 4 on the CW. I’m pretty sure that we’ll be okay and the show is still brilliant :D 

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Don’t worry. I’ll bring her home before the birth.
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klauscarolines said:
Haha. Yeah. I would probably would take Maxon over Aspen any day. Lol :D

Oh yeah he’s adorable. I wanna hug him.

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klauscarolines said:
Yeah, I know. Lol :D She got on my nerves in that book. Like geez. And then towards the end, she finally decided what she wanted. I was like you freaking idiot, where was this girl after the beginning of the book. Bleh. I wanted to give up at one point, but I kept reading because I wanted to know what happened.

Yes, make up your mind because aspen is risking death here and Maxon is precious.

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klauscarolines said:
I know he is too precious. And he is definitely my favorite character in that book. At first he was the only character I liked, but then America grew on me.

America kinda lost out on Book 2 because she was kinda bratty? Idk she was like I can make out with aspen but Maxon can’t do the same even though that’s what he’s supposed to do? Date all 5 girls? It made no sense.

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klauscarolines said:
Me too. And if that isn't with America I will suck it up and take it like the big mature girl that I am. Lol :D I just want them both to be happy. And if America gets with Aspen, I will be okay with that because she is happy.

I’m mostly Maxon. That poor cuppy cake.

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klauscarolines said:
Haha. Me too. :D I am super excited for this book, like I need it now. It's a good thing I have kindle money. :D :D I will be buying that book at midnight and then going to school and not paying attention in any of my classes. Lol :D

I just want Maxon to be happy. That’s all.

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livingdeadblondequeen: it’s in my head but it won’t go onto paper. And I know it will be an ending a lot of people won’t get.

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