The synopsis of the first episode should be ‘Elijah releases the hybrids. Shit goes down.’ 

where did all this equipment come from?

I’m totally shipping Octavia and Lincoln. I REGRET NOTHING. 

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Nobody in Hollywood must be getting any work done because everyone’s too busy tipping ice over their heads xD

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i-move-the-stars-for-no-one replied to your post:

giggling like a fool over here!

Francesca has realised exactly how fucked she is. xD

Getting wifi tomorrow and I will be fully back. Until then, enjoy my pretty new dyed tips.

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i-move-the-stars-for-no-one: we have blue floor lights and the sound I made was not human xD I’m very excitable today

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Activity will be slow over the next few days, I’m moving into my first flat!

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i can’t be the only one who almost types ‘Hayley Mikaelson’ instead of ‘Hayley Marshall’ all the time


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Anonymous: your boobs look great when they're wet.

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Hope Mikaelson in one gif:

Send in your Original Confessions

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I also nominate livingdeadblondequeen, sunshinecarolineforbes and geekorunique