Anonymous: hi. i am having some trouble here. i was trying to apply for a job, but someone else got the job. It was something for university. i'm not upset because they liked me, and i know what i have. i think maybe i need to be a little older and experience college more. but i'm honestly scared of being nothing but rejected. what's going to happen when i am going to be on my own? will i won't get a job then either? got any advice that could help?

I know how that feels. When you leave school and you have no work experience, it is hard to get that first job. You have your sparkling personality, an education and that’s it. But you can’t let it get you down, you need to just keep trying. Take the advice of failed interviews, remember to do your research before an interview and google interview techniques, covering letters and CV tips and general job seeking tips. It works, I promise. 

If you need experience or to jazz up your CV/Resume, why not doing some volunteering? Volunteering makes a candidate more employable and appealing to 67% of employers. It shows you’re dedicated to working, you’re hard working and you’re a good person! Do some charity work or volunteer at the weekends.

And in the mean time, anything that could show your good qualities, put it on your CV. I have all my dramatic experience, my sports clubs, my student council gig from a school I graduated from 3 years ago. Anything. 

Good luck, my lovely! 

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The synopsis of the first episode should be ‘Elijah releases the hybrids. Shit goes down.’ 

where did all this equipment come from?

I’m totally shipping Octavia and Lincoln. I REGRET NOTHING. 

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Nobody in Hollywood must be getting any work done because everyone’s too busy tipping ice over their heads xD

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i-move-the-stars-for-no-one replied to your post:

giggling like a fool over here!

Francesca has realised exactly how fucked she is. xD

Getting wifi tomorrow and I will be fully back. Until then, enjoy my pretty new dyed tips.

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i-move-the-stars-for-no-one: we have blue floor lights and the sound I made was not human xD I’m very excitable today

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Activity will be slow over the next few days, I’m moving into my first flat!

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i can’t be the only one who almost types ‘Hayley Mikaelson’ instead of ‘Hayley Marshall’ all the time


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Anonymous: your boobs look great when they're wet.

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Hope Mikaelson in one gif:

Send in your Original Confessions

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