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Agrees with this person! Even it I don’t ship klayley. Lol. :) But I do like their budding friendship. And their child.

That’s one thing we can agree on, klayley know how to make a cute baby. 

Anonymous: Thank you for you're Klayley gif. It's so beautiful <3 :)

You’re welcome, Darlin’ 

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sorry xxwhisperofdreamsxx, there’s no way I can watch your new video without crying. 

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All the werewolves man. I’m getting very excited. Lol.

So many werewolves. 


Okay, so here we are! I’ve been nominated in two categories for the 2014 Klaroline awards. My nominations include:

  • Best Completed Fiction - Once in A Blue Moon
  • Best Completed Fiction - By My Heart And Soul
  • Best Unique Fiction - By My Heart And Soul

As always, it’s an honour to receive any adulation or praise for my work and my writing even if I don’t write for the fandom any more and I am very happy to receive this nominations.  I am also one of two authors to be nominated for more than two stories in one categories (as far as I can) so that’s excellent. Winning would be awesome so you can vote here but the nominations are brilliant and my thanks to anyone who nominated me. 

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Here we go, groupies, this might help.

Why is there no HQ videos of this Bloom/Bieber debacle?

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More casting news 

It’s time to fight, little wolf


Which character’s death could you absolutely not handle? For me, it’s Hope’s because if she dies so does the anti-heroes’ connection to their humanity and thus a large part of themselves. And my ability to control my emotions.


stydia-allisaac: The tag for klamille week is #klamilleweek :) I loved the art you've posted, it's gorgeous. And I love your blog! I've just noticed that I don't follow you which I'm doing now, you're one of the people in this fandom I know and I love your metas, opinions and stuff. You always calm people down so yeah... just wanted to let you know that you're really, really nice :)

Retagged. Yay. Now everyone can see my offering to the klamille fandom on the altar of Photoshop. Don’t worry, Klaylry fans, you’re next.

I’m glad that you think that, it’s incredibly sweet to hear you say that. Hope that you stick with me, keep calm and groupie on.

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Anonymous: Awww, hon. I'm so sorry that you got kicked out. Trust me, I know the feeling all too well. I know sometimes I may not agree with you on a few things, but at least I could relate to you. I hope things are okay with you, and your aunt is there as your support. It's nice to have people there to back you up. You still going to school, right? That will help you a lot too. Sorry, I'm rambling on. Anyway, I hope things are okay. <3

I’m currently living with my aunt and trying to figure out where to take my relationship with my Dad and stepmother. I’m out of school until September but I am still going to work best I can, one of my bosses is very understanding and the other has no idea. 

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The hundred dollar guy. 

                                            The brave bartender. 

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I get those too and I’ve never reblogged a thing from TW

God, it’s like cold callers but with TW. 

My recommended blogs seem to think I watch TW, well I got some bad news Tumblr..

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