The fact that they won’t confirm which brother is the one beside Esther makes me think they’ve got a trick up their sleeve…

I’m still completely convinced it’s Finn. I don’t think Kol would ever call her Mother in such a loyal way, and the writers would have to do something awfully creative for it to be Henrik. They’d also have to pervert his innocent image and make him into Esther’s minion, and I don’t think they would do that.

It would be pretty cool if it was Aaron, but he’s only vaguely been mentioned once. There would be potential to open up a new exploration there with him since it would be an entirely fresh Original that they could easily cast (if/when he’s back in his ‘actual’ body). He could become a regular without having to worry about scheduling issues with getting Caspar back if they wanted to put Finn back in his own body.

I still think it’s Finn and the writers just wish we weren’t already guessing it. But I’m always open to being surprised.

I think I could deal with it being any one of them but Kol, because of the uproar the Kol fans would have if they brought back Kol and it wasn’t Nate. I also agree that he wouldn’t play along with Esther. At the moment, I think it’s Finn but it being Aaron could be an interesting twist…

sticks and stones may build a throne 
but you will be up there all alone

The fact that they won’t confirm which brother is the one beside Esther makes me think they’ve got a trick up their sleeve…

Things might be a bit slow on all my blogs for a while. I kinda got kicked out of my Dad’s house and things are kinda tense, so I don’t have a lot of time to do graphics and confessions. Hope you guys understand, I’ll be checking in xXx

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Top 5 episodes of The Originals Season 1 (as voted by my followers) 

Number 4) Episode 1.11 “Après Moi, Le Delugé” 

"And I had someone who fought for me from the moment you met me, most people don’t get that if they live to be hundred." 


More than anything I just want the TO writers to tell the story they want to tell. I want stories that make sense with these characters, regardless of whether similar storylines did or didn’t happen on TVD. In other words, I trust the writers completely.

11 weeks to go!

The spoilers are starting, the set pictures are on their way, Comic Con is this week…


Top 5 episodes of The Originals Season 1 (as voted by my followers) 

Number 5) Episode 1.20 “A Closer Walk With Thee” 

"Let me put this in perspective, my father lived to torment me. It’s not my intention to become him. This cycle of misery ends with my child.

Anonymous: I know you don't like Klaroline or the fandom anymore but I wanted to tell you that I nominated your fics for several awards and I know a few other people who did too.

It’s very flattering that anyone would nominate my work, and I’m very honoured to receive any award for my stories, regardless of the fandom or the history I have with that fandom. I know a lot of people have decided that my stories aren’t worth the time of day now I’ve stepped back from the fandom for personal reasons, and it’s sweet that others haven’t.

Thank you for nominating them, if you did. 

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Can The Originals S2 open with this song? 

Anonymous: why didn't you do a ship poll?

Because when has a ship poll ended well? xD

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145 responses in 3 days but we still have a tie for 4th place in the episode poll! Here’s the tie breaker poll, that’ll end tonight at 12PM GMT time to determine who’s third and fourth in the poll. 


That might be the case. But, she still taunted Cami and held her uncle over her head. She didn’t want to hurt Hope. But she hurt Cami and that was all her. She was still a villain for what she did to her. With Hope she was nothing but a puppet, and I did come to pity her.

Actually, Bastianna put the hex on Kieran and Genevieve probably couldn’t do anything if she wanted to. Camille also completely slut shamed Genevieve for sleeping with Klaus (Something about her serving her purpose, and implying Genevieve was good for nothing but sex, which is extremely insulting) and insulted her, so they’re both as bad as each other. I never said Genevieve didn’t do bad things or that she was a saint, but there’s a difference between wanting to hurt a grown woman who’s also done you wrong and want to hurt an innocent baby. 

Actually in the long run, Genevieve was one of the least villainous on the show. Only she, Camille and Josh have never killed someone on screen. Genevieve only hurt Rebekah because she wanted her revenge (which was pretty justified), she said some bad things and did some bad things but at the end of the day, she wasn’t the evil psychopath that people make her out to be. She very much had a heart. 

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