More casting news 

  • Caucasian Identical Twin babies- age 5-7 monthsWork dates are next FRI 9/26 and MON 9/29 and then additional dates will be added for the following episode once they are scheduled - likely 4 - 5 additional days. 
  • Casting MEN and WOMENAges 22-50- ALL ethnicities to be pedestrians in a Nola scene 
  • Moms or Dads and one child ages 4 - 7Casting for kids between ages 4-7, with a real Mom or Dad, ages 25-45, for a scene in a park 

Still not convinced by Gotham, what is the Hatter without the Hat and Gotham without the Batman?

mywelshrabbit replied to your post “welshrabbit: the rules of the originals drinking game are as followed:…”


down the bottle when the phrase ‘always and forever’ is used.

The most beautiful pic from The Originals Season 1 set ( x )

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first it was elijah with no tie, and now it’s this. i just don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves.

i like them both, it was just a little bit of an ‘oh wow that’s weird’ moment xD

TO Ladies, Season 2 Cast Promotional Photoshoot


I want a originals poster now !

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Tons of shows premiere this month, I think at least 3 a night before Sept 30th.

Not the right ones!

Danielle Campbell is 6 months older than me and she looks like that with that job and I find that unfair. 

I’m stressed this week because Scotland might leave the Union, net neutrality is in the balance and I have to face my ex-boyfriend on University campus. 


bahaha Right? 


Yeah she really would! And so much better than Uma Thurman. *headdesk*

ikr?? I think they were reading some fanfiction in the dark parts of the internet or something. Or smoking something. Or maybe both.

It’ll be interesting to see how they plan to make it interesting without Batman or the fully fledged villains. I think a lot of it will hang on Gordon being an engaging enough character to carry it. 

They should have snapped her up, because she’d be perfect and now she’s filming a film in Vancouver for a while. I’m a little bit of a dork about Origins stories and I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it if they just pluck the origin story out of thin air xD 


My Dinner Date with Danielle Campbell

Alan P asking the big questions.