Caroline had got bored of long hair; she had been a vampire for fifty years now and Klaus’ companion for forty. Her long hair was lovely but it was a bitch to deal with especially when it got bloody. She decided to cut it up to her chin in a bob and had haphazard layers cut into it to give it a choppy look. Her hair was curled and bouncy and she thought it made her look more mature and womanly than her long hair did.

She did this without informing Klaus that her hair would be going through any changes so when she walked in the house they were letting that evening, his eyes popped out his skull in shock. “What did you do to your hair?” He asked her.

“What, you don’t like it?” She replied, running her fingers through her hair experimentally. It was still weird having such short hair. Klaus was already beside her and ran his fingers to brush it back behind her ear to test it. Caroline thought for a second that he believed it was a wig or something but the shock was still setting in. She decided to defend her new hair before he began to bitch and whine about it. “I thought it was time for a change.”

“We could have just…moved.” He told her with an unhappy look on his face. Caroline rolled her eyes. She loved New York, she didn’t want to leave just yet but Klaus liked to keep moving. The world was ever changing and they needed to keep up, he would say. They never said in one place more than three years. Rarely stayed on the same continent for more than five. An eternal game of hide and seek without a seeker.

“You don’t like it.” She guessed, moving from in front of him to put her bag in its usual spot and pour herself a glass of bourbon. Klaus turned around and viewed her once more. “It’ll grow back, Klaus, but I felt like I needed to try it.” She assured him.

“I do like it.” He insisted, moving so she was between him and the table they kept their alcohol stocks on top of. “I’ll just miss running my fingers through your hair whilst I’m kissing you, all the way down to your waist. I’ll miss all your lovely updos and those days you wear your curls loose around your face and don’t care whether it’s washed or not.” He explained, tucking her hair behind her ear and kissing her forehead softly. His fingertips lightly massaged her hairline, little wisps of hair as he kissed her forehead and she smiled.

“For the record, you can still run your fingers through your hair whilst you’re kissing me.” She chuckled, moving his hands so his fingers sifted through her curls. She smirked and leaned up to kiss him, putting her hands on his shoulders and proving to him that nothing had changed.

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