Caroline sobbed as she sat on the back of the truck, the body of the man she’d just drank dry lying behind her. She ducked her head and continued to cry, the tears mixing with the blood dripping around her mouth. Caroline didn’t know what was happening, she was scared and she couldn’t do anything about it. She was a murderer; she was an evil twisted thing. Caroline tucked some hair behind her ear and let out another broken sob, not sure whether to run or stay here with the body until someone found her and then at least she’d been locked away when day broke.

She heard some footsteps and looked up. Standing a few feet from her was a tall, well shaven man that she didn’t recognise. He had his hands behind his back and was watching her with a slightly tilted head. Caroline stammered and turned to look at the body then back to the stranger. “I-I can explain, it was an accident!” She began to cry.

The gentleman didn’t respond except to reach into his jacket pocket and bring out a handkerchief, walking over to hand it to the blonde. She didn’t know how to react to this gesture so stared shocked at the apparent show of kindness. The stranger chuckled and began to swipe the fabric across her cheeks to try and clean off the blood. She sniffed pathetically and leaned into his touch, something in his smell was intoxicating. She let out a broken sob when the gentleman’s aroma mixed with the smell of blood wafting through the air.

“Let me guess. You woke up allergic to sunlight and craving blood, able to make people do things whatever you wanted.” He spoke softly as he wiped her mouth clean, though the blood stained her skin and he sighed. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Caroline.” She sobbed.

“I’m Klaus. And I’m not going to hurt you or call the police.” He replied softly, tucking some of her hair behind her ear and sitting beside her. He cast a glance at the dead body behind them and pursed his line into a thin line in thought. The blonde couldn’t take the guilt and began to sob again, putting her head in her hands. The man beside her sighed and put a hand on her lower back, rubbing it softly to soothe her softly. He shushed her softly and turned back to look at the carnival.

“I’m a m-murderer!” Caroline exclaimed shakily, shrugging his hand off. “You should call the police; have them lock me up before I hurt anyone else.” She added, sniffing.

“You’re a vampire, there’s a difference.” He commented gently. Caroline looked up, shocked at this admission and for some reason, she believed him when he told her what she had become. She swallowed thickly and the smell of blood hit her once more. She crinkled her nose and gagged at the smell of rotting flesh and blood. She wanted to be sick but her new body wouldn’t allow it. Klaus shushed her once more, rubbing her back.

“Are you one too?”

The gentleman smirked. “You could say that. I came to see a friend but I think you need someone to look after you right now.” Caroline nodded, automatically trusting of this man. He jumped off the truck and helped pull her down. “First, you need to change, clean up and get inside before the day comes.” He told her, squeezing her hands as he held them.

“Does it burn you too?” She asked, snivelling.

“No, I have this. It protects me from the sunlight.” He explained, holding up his hand to show her his daylight ring. She ran her thumb over the silver and nodded. Caroline’s chest shuddered with left over sobs and she took her hands from his, wrapping her arms around herself. “I’ll find one for you two, a pretty thing like you shouldn’t be hidden from the daylight. Now, I’ll take care of this body, you can go clean up in the school.” He explained as she peeled off her jacket as it was too bloody to say and he took it from her.

She nodded and dashed off to clean her face. Caroline stopped and turned back. “Thank you.” She told him sincerely before rushing off again.

Klaus smirked as he watched her go. He had a new apprentice. And an in to the doppelganger. 

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